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Ghost by Titan is a refined process to design and develop custom web solutions with great efficiency.

Week 1
Our process begins with gathering a general understanding your business, discussing your goals, and identifying problems to solve.
Week 1
Once we have a solid grasp of your business, we construct a sitemap to determine content strategy & user flows
Week 2
Using Webflow we build live wireframes. This allows you to view the framework in a functional way and have a guide for content development.

The process of constructing live wireframes is what makes us different. Rather than viewing static wireframes, we prototype our initial framework to be fully functional across all devices.

Week 2
This is where we determine the visual elements of the website. Typography, colors, imagery, buttons, etc.
Week 3
Using Webflow we apply styling to the live wireframes that were previously developed. In addition, we develop custom component solutions, add in animation, and integrate CMS collections to complete your custom website.
Week 4
QA & Testing
We do our internal QA and testing to ensure the website works across a variety of browsers and devices. In this step we also ensure that all aspects of the site are accessible, including meeting WCAG contrast ratio requirements and adding in image alt-text. Once the site meets our standards, we turn it over to you for final review.
Week 4
The most exciting part, we ship your website and we both get to share what we've worked so hard on!

The tools we use to make it happen.

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